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Pyridine Series

Pyridine and pyridine compound are heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen atom. They are the key compounds and intermediate products for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and veterinary. They are widely used in agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, animal feed additives, vitamins, commodity chemicals and tires, etc. They may produce more than 30 kinds of derivates as agrochemicals, as well as 50 kinds of products as pharmaceuticals.

Shandong Luba Chemcal Co., Ltd. mainly produces pyridine based agrochemicals. The annual capacity of the pyridine compound production lines is approximately 18,000MT p.a. And the new 24000MT facilities together with chlorination and fluorination facilities are under construction. Based on pyridine compound production, an integrated production chain was founded extending to the pyridine based agrochemicals. It is the company's long term strategy that we will continue increasing the production capacity of pyridine and pyridine compounds, developing new pyridine-based agrochemicals and intermediate, and improving the pyridine industrial chain.

Here is the list of Pyridine-based chemicals Luba launched now and near future.

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